How can I accept wallet payments on my POS terminal(NFC)?

When your shoppers pay with wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on your POS terminal, we call these NFC wallet payments.

An NFC wallet is a mobile wallet app that lets shoppers link their credit or debit card (bank account) to the mobile wallet, and make payments with those cards through a payment service which is integrated with the app.

For example, the Wallet app from Apple is integrated with Apple Pay service. The payment terminal communicates with the mobile wallet through the near field communication (NFC) chip in the shopper's phone or smartwatch.

Because the mobile wallet is linked to the shopper's credit or debit card, making NFC wallet payments is essentially the same as making a card payment. You can find the steps on how this would look on a terminal in Adyen Docs.

No further settings are required to accept NFC wallet payments. These payment methods are automatically accepted as long as the card type saved in the wallet is configured on your account. We treat them as regular contactless transactions.

However, other wallet payment methods like WeChat Pay or Alipay must be configured in your account before you can use them. You can request additional payment methods via the Customer Area.

Apart from credit and debit cards, shoppers can also keep other passes in their mobile wallet, such as loyalty cards, vouchers, gift cards, boarding passes, and tickets. These are called NFC-enabled Passes.

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