How do I enable recurring payments for Paypal?

Recurring payments for PayPal

If you are a marketplace, reach out to your Adyen contact to enable recurring payments for PayPal.

It you are not a marketplace, enable recurring payments for PayPal by following these steps:

  1. Contact PayPal support with your PayPal Merchant ID and request to enable Reference Transactions on your seller account.
  2. Make sure you’ve granted third party access to your live account and that you’ve also selected the recurring specific permissions: Charge an existing customer based on a prior transaction and Create and manage Recurring Payments.

Tip: Learn how to receive the recurring payment’s details.

Enable notifications for recurring PayPal payments

Make sure your webhook is set up to receive notifications. You can receive the recurringDetailReference in the AUTHORISATION and the RECURRING_CONTRACT notifications.

For the AUTHORISATION notification, you must:

  1. From the Customer Area, open your company-level account.
  2. Browse to Developers > Additional data > Payment and enable Recurring details.
  3. Once this is done, in the AUTHORISATION notification, within the additionalData, you will receive the shopperReference and recurringDetailReference:
2 "additionalData": {
3 "recurring.shopperReference": "testshopper",
4 "recurring.recurringDetailReference": "1111111111111111"
5 }

For the RECURRING_CONTRACT notification, you’ll need to enable the non-default event code.

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