When is my chargeback auto defended by Adyen?

When is my chargeback auto-defended by Adyen?

In some cases, Adyen will automatically defend a chargeback with no action needed on your part.

These chargebacks include:

  • Already refunded transactions in which the refund occurred before the chargeback event.
  • Fraud chargebacks (fraud reason code) for which there was a liability shift (such as with 3D Secure payments).
  • Chargebacks that include technical errors that invalidate them (for example, when a chargeback is sent outside of the time frame allowed by the schemes).
  • Chargebacks not applicable to your MCC code.

These chargebacks will still be visible to you in the Customer Area. There are some exceptions to the above scenarios.

When is a chargeback not auto-defended by Adyen?

  • In case of already refunded transactions:
    • If the refund amount is less than 90% of the transaction amount.
    • If there are multiple partial refunds adding up to less than 90% of the transaction amount.
  • When the chargeback is initiated outside 120-day timeframe:
    • The timeframe is calculated from expected delivery date, not transaction date. This applies to some dispute reasons such as non-delivery of merchandise.

Chargebacks for some payment methods (Sepa, PayPal, Klarna) or with certain reason codes are not defendable, and Adyen auto-defense will not be used in these cases.

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