When should I accept or defend a chargeback?

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When should I accept the dispute?

You can accept the dispute to avoid a lengthy and possibly costly dispute process, especially if you agree with the dispute. For example, if the transaction is known to be fraudulent.

You may want to accept the dispute if:

  • Your supporting documents do not satisfy the defense document requirements.
  • The transaction amount is not high enough to spend resources on compelling evidence.
  • The transaction amount does not outweigh the risk of losing the chargeback fee for the second booked chargeback.
  • The transaction is known to be fraudulent.
  • The shopper has returned the goods, or you have failed to deliver the goods.

You can accept the chargeback in the Customer Area > Risk > Disputes. Once you accept, or if the defense period has expired, the final status will be "Lost" and the dispute cycle ends. To indicate that you have accepted, the journal line "DisputeDefensePeriodEnded" will be booked.

When should I defend the dispute?

You can defend against disputes where you have evidence that the transaction is valid, or the transaction amount is high. Keep in mind that a chargeback fee is charged for every booked chargeback. Therefore, we strongly advise you to only defend against a chargeback when you have sufficient compelling evidence.

You should upload your documents to the dispute details page in a PDF, JPG, or TIFF file. For the defense material to qualify, you must upload it within the given time frame and it should meet the requirements of the reason code.

What will that look like in the CA?

After you upload the files, the journal line "InformationSupplied" will be booked, and the status of the dispute will change. If the dispute is in the Request for Information stage, the status changes to "Responded". If the dispute is in the chargeback stage, the status changes to "Pending".

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