Why and how should I use risk reports?

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Monitor the Revenue Protect performance

You can use the Risk & dispute management dashboard to see how many transactions are being blocked by Revenue Protect, and by which risk rules. 
For example, after you implement a new rule change, it is recommended to monitor the impact it has on your traffic using the risk report.

Monitor your chargeback and notifications of fraud levels

The Risk & dispute management dashboard can also be used to monitor your chargeback and notifications fraud levels, per week, per month, filtering on payment method, issuing country/region, transaction date. 
This report is relevant when wanting to assess the impact of a rule change on the level of frauds on your account. Fraud levels should drop after the date of the implementation. It can also help you to understand fraud trends at a high level.

Run detailed analysis on the chargebacks received

With the downloadable reports (dispute transaction details report), you will be able to run more detailed analysis and identify different fraud patterns that you can prevent through the implementation of risk rules. 
For example, if you find a recurring email address systematically making chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, you can then add the address to the referral list and therefore block them from making purchases.


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