How do I apply for an Adyen for Platforms account? (Classic Integration)

Apply for an Adyen for Platforms account

  1. Contact our Sales team to check if your business cases are a good fit for this program. 
  2. If yes, you’ll receive your Adyen test credentials, including two API credentials. 
  3. You can then start signing up account holders, onboarding, and processing payments.

Tip: For more details, check our technical start guide.

Partner platform requirements

On your partner platform, you can’t process payments on behalf of your sub-merchants. Instead, Adyen establishes a direct relationship between each account holder and the card schemes.

For us to be able to establish that relationship, and for your account holders to be able to process ecommerce transactions, we need you to:

  • Collect additional PCI DSS compliance documentation in the form of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ A).
  • Create online stores for each account holder to establish a direct connection between them and the schemes.

Arrange your platform structure

You can design a platform that best suits your use cases and structure your Adyen account as you prefer. 

Tip: Start learning 

In order to do so, start with learning more about the way Adyen accounts and your platform are connected.

You can check our docs for further information.


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