What are the Company Verification requirements?

What is company verification

During company verification, Adyen verifies whether a business is active and registered with a reliable and independent source.
Before you can process payments, pay out funds, and offer financial products, Adyen must verify the company information of the users on your platform.
Company verification is one of the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

How we verify company information

We verify company information automatically or through a manual review.

Automated review

We verify the company name and registration number automatically using our providers. In order to smoothen the process, we advise platforms to make sure the legal names and the registration numbers are provided in the correct country/region format. 

Please refer to this Adyen docs page for more information on the correct format of the company registration number per country/region.

Manual review 

If we are unable to verify the legal name and company registration number automatically using our providers, we will request a registration document. 

This Adyen Docs page provides further information regarding document uploads for account holders.

The registration document must be:

  • Issued by a reliable, independent source like the local commercial register of the country/region where the business is registered in
  • Be issued within the last 12 months, or contain a signature and a state of affairs with a date not older than 12 months.

The uploaded document has to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a JPEG, JPG, or PNG of minimum 100 KB, maximum 4 MB
  • Or a PDF of minimum 1 KB, maximum 4 MB

Receiving an error code related to 1_5x

Error codes starting with 1_5 reference issues with the organization check. Below is a list of common sub-error codes and possible remediating actions. 

Common Error Codes

Possible Remediating Actions

1_5004 “The legal name didn’t match the one on the registry” 

  1. Update organization details to ensure the legal name matches the local company registry or the provided registration document
  2. Upload a new registration document 
  3. Check if the legal entity type is correct (Ltd vs LLC)
  4. Check the legal entity is the legal company name. We don’t accept trading names in the legal name field.

1_5007 “The registration number didn't match the one on the registry”

  1. Update the registration number to ensure it matches with the national registry and local format 
  2. Upload an official registration document.

1_5022 “The registration document was too old”

  1. Upload an official registration document that was issued or signed the last 12 months.

1_5035 “The company registration document is not supported”

  1. Upload a different registration document 
  2. Check if the document meets the document requirements and file format.
  3. Check if the document isn’t damaged or cut off.

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