What are the Identity Verification Requirements?

What is identity verification

Identity verification is performed for every user that wants to process payments, pay out funds or use financial products on your platform. Adyen is required to verify the identity of your users by checking if the personal information of the individual matches the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) we've received at onboarding.
Identity verification is one of the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

How we verify account holders’ identities 

We  verify the identity of your users automatically. If the automatic verification fails,  Adyen will request an ID document to continue the verification process.
Read more about the requirements for the uploaded documents for account verification here

The requirements for ID documents for KYC

The uploaded ID document has to be: 

  • Non-expired 
  • Have the machine-readable zone visible if available
  • Be a photo of a physical ID
  • Have separate files for the front and back if the document is an identity card or drivers license
  • Be a full color, cropped, and straight image
  • Be a photo or a scan of the physical photo ID document. 

The uploaded document has to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a JPEG, JPG, or PNG of minimum 100 KB, maximum 4 MB
  • Or a PDF of minimum 1 KB, maximum 4 MB

We don’t accept:

  • Screenshots of photos 
  • Photos pasted on other documents
  • Photos of screens 
  • Photos of printouts
  • Notarised documents.

If the last name provided is different from the last name on the ID, the identity check will fail. This can happen if a person has gotten married after receiving their ID and adopted their partner’s last name.

In these instances, the platform can reach out via email to Adyen support to understand the necessary steps to provide additional documentation such as marriage certificate.

Note: Watermarks are allowed, but shouldn’t cover any data point on the ID. Editing or tampering with the document in any way will lead to the document being rejected and the user being suspended.

Receiving an error code related to 1_3x

Error codes starting with 1_3 reference issues with the identity check.  Below is a list of common sub-error codes and possible remediating actions. 

Please refer to this Adyen docs page for more information on error codes.

Common Error Codes

Possible Remediating Actions

1_3032 “The individual details don’t match the ID document”

  1. Update the input data to ensure they match the data in the provided document exactly
  2. Did the customer get married and change their last name? Please provide a marriage certificate, so that we can verify the new name
  3. Check whether all the data visible on the provided ID document is also visible in the input data.

1_3009 “The ID document doesn’t meet the requirements” 

  1. Check whether the ID document meets the format and document type requirements
  2. Check the document quality is high enough that all details are legible.

1_3011 “The ID document isn't a supported document type”

  1. Ensure that the type of document meets the requirements listed above.

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