Why have I not received my payout?

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Before investigating why you didn’t receive your payout, make sure a payout was initiated from your merchant account.

Not initiated payouts

Payouts may not be initiated if:

  1. No bank or an incorrect bank account set up
  2. Payouts are blocked on your account

Initiated payouts

If a payout indeed was initiated, it can take a few days for the funds to reach your bank account. If you didn’t receive funds after 5 bank days, there may be an issue with the payout. It’s possible some of the details on your payout account are incorrect.

Payout returned to your payable

The payout in question may have returned to Adyen. Check this by downloading the Aggregate settlement detail report for the dates after the payout in question was initially initiated.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area at a merchant account level.
  2. Go to Reports > Aggregate settlement details
  3. Select Generate report to generate the report for the dates after your lost payout was initially initiated.
  4. Once generated, open the report and filter on BankInstructionReturned in the journal line column.

Not returned payout, still with the bank

If the payout wasn’t returned to your payable, your bank may have the funds, but has not applied them to your bank account.

Contact your bank with a Bank Instruction letter, to help them locate the funds.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area at a merchant account level.
  2. Go to Finance > Sales to Payout > click on the Payouts tab.
  3. Use the date filter in the top right corner to locate your payout.
  4. Select the payout you’re interested in.
  5. Expand the batch view and press Download bank instruction letter.

Not returned payout, not with the bank

If your payout wasn’t returned to you, and your bank has clearly indicated the funds are not with them, please contact support with the following information:

  1. The bank instruction letter retrieved through the previous steps.
    1. Or if you can’t find this: Your exact merchant account name, the exact amount and currency of the payout, and the batch number from which the payout was initiated.
  2. A signed letter from your bank stating they don’t have the funds.

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