Why should I enable Adyen Giving?

Accept donations at checkout with giving

Adyen Giving helps your business make an impact by making customer donations easy and raising funds at checkout for nonprofit. You can easily turn on donations at checkout without an extra integration.

Through Giving, you unlock new fundraising streams for nonprofits and can join campaigns throughout the year to fundraise together with Adyen. 

Benefits of Adyen Giving

Giving is built into our platform and doesn’t require a new integration. 

It also offers other benefits like:

  • Adyen absorbs all fees
  • Enjoy streamlined reporting of your campaigns
  • Onboard the nonprofit of your choice

Selecting your nonprofit

We have a pre-qualified list of charities for Adyen Giving, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.


Find out more about how to support a different nonprofit with Adyen Giving here.