What does the "AuthorisedPending" payment status mean?

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Final completion is pending

The AuthorisedPending payment status applies only to point of sale transactions.

It means that the customer’s bank has approved the payment, but the terminal has not sent the final completion message. 

The completion message is typically received  within 5 minutes after the payment was completed on the terminal.

No completion message received

If the completion message is not received within 72 hours after the payment is made, then the payment will be booked as “Canceled” with the reason “No completion message received”. 

How to fix this

Canceled transactions due to “No completion message received” are usually caused by network issues on the terminal.

To solve this error, the first thing to do is run a network connection test on the terminal to confirm that the terminal is still connected successfully to the network. 

If the connection test is successful and this issue is still occurring please check the configuration of your network to confirm it can send these messages successfully.

Tip: For transactions that have been canceled due to “No completion message received”, you can retry canceled transactions.

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