What is TransferBalance and how do I reconcile it?

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Marketplace Payments accounting report

The Marketplace Payments accounting report includes financial status changes, events, and modifications for all the payments across your marketplace or platform including full bookkeeping.

You can use this report to build a transactional ledger for all the accounts in your platform and to reconcile total fees debited against your platform's liable account.


Aggregate amount of debits and credits to the liable account. In previous versions of the report, this amount includes payment costs.

For new platforms, the TransferBalance only contains the aggregate amount of credits and debits that could not have been booked due to missing split information, missing split reference, or a technical issue. Other debits and credits are reported under new record types. For example, payment costs are reported under record type Fee.

Tip: Learn how to reconcile for your classic Adyen for Platforms integration.

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