What are the different report types offered by Adyen?

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  • Merchant Report

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Key financial reports

Reports are automatically generated based on a specified schedule. They contain information about all your transactions globally in a CSV format and let you to automate payment-level tracking of sales, receivables, and settled amounts and thus, focus on handling exceptions.

Tip: Learn how to set up automatic downloading.

Allows you to reconcile your merchant payouts. Provides an overview of what happens within each payable batch. You'll receive a new settlement detail report per payable batch.

Extended version of the Settlement Detail Report and lets you select a range of days. One report can include information regarding more than one payable batch.

Essential for invoice reconciliation. Provides a transaction-level overview of payments.

Useful to reconcile your end of a fiscal period balance.

Useful to reconcile your daily balance. It presents the same structure as the monthly finance report but for a daily basis.

Provides specific details such as payment method, currency, and time of a transaction over a selected period of time.

Exchange Rate Report
Lets you find the exchange rates implemented for a specific date.

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