How do I generate reports for my platform?

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Generate reports for your platform

If you want to generate reports on Adyen for Platforms balance, you need a generate and schedule reports role.

Depending on your business requirements, Adyen provides you with a variety of platform-specific reports to help you run your daily platform operations.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area and choose the preferred merchant account. You can also log into your Balance Platform Customer Area.
  2. Go to Reporting in the Customer Area and find the platform reports available for download and automatic generation.

Available reports

  • The balance platform accounting report is a daily report that tracks all the balance changes on all balance accounts in your platform. These include liable accounts and your users’ accounts.
  • The balance platform statement report is a daily report that shows the starting balance, all the transactions that changed the balance, and the ending balance for the available currencies. This report only contains insights for the day it’s created.
  • The balance platform balance report shows the balances of every account holder, balance account, and balance account currency. You can use this report to reconcile the balances for each account holder on your platform.

Issues generating reports 

The platform specific reports are generated by a different system than the regular merchant reports. The time of day and the time zones may vary between reports.
If you suspect any issues with report generation, reach out to support.
Tip: Platform specific reports are generally larger and take longer to generate. 

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