What is a balance transfer on my settlement detail?

Find balance transfers

A balance will be shown in the Settlement Detail report when a credit/debit is booked that either comes from the previous settlement batch or a different merchant account under the same company.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area > Finance > Sales to Payouts >
  2. In the Payouts tab, select the date, find the batch number > Download Settlement Detail Report.

Alternatively: Log in to your Customer Area > Reports > Sales to Payouts > Settlement Detail Report.

Types of balance transfers

  • A positive balance transfer can take place if we can’t make a payout to you. This can be caused by missing payout details or configuration, or by payout accounts being blocked. The positive balance accumulated from settled funds is then transferred from one batch to the following until a payout is possible.
  • A negative balance transfer can take place if the net debit is higher than net credit. This can happen when fees are higher than sales and when chargebacks or deductions (invoice deductions, deposit corrections) are higher than settlements. Thus, when the overall balance of a batch is negative and the debits outweigh the credits, the deficit is rolled over to the next payable.
  • A balance transfer between two merchant accounts that belong to the same legal entity and company account. You can transfer funds between merchant accounts but this might create a negative balance transfer entry on the sending merchant account and a positive balance transfer entry on receiving merchant account.

Note: If a merchant account is holding a negative balance for an extended period of time, Adyen may perform a balance transfer to a merchant account that holds sufficient funds to cover the negative balance.

Tip: To find the balance transfer reason code, access the Company Payout report and check the BalanceTransfer tab.

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