What does the "AuthorisedPending" status mean?

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Final completion is pending

The AuthorisedPending payment status applies only to point of sale transactions.

It means the transaction is Authorised by the issuer bank and that the customer’s funds are reserved. However, the final completion message from the terminal is pending.

Tip: You’ll receive the completion message within 5 minutes after the payment was completed on the terminal.

No completion message received

Transactions can be stuck in AuthorisedPending after which they could be canceled with CancelReason No completion message received. This is a rare state that happens as follows:

  1. The terminal sends an authorization request to our platform, which is forwarded to the issuer.
  2. The issuer approves the request and the AuthorisedPending journal is booked, the result is sent to the terminal. The reason this journal is AuthorisedPending and not Authorised is because the approved authorization request is still pending confirmation from the card.
  3. Normally the card confirms the authorisation and a transaction is then successfully concluded. An asynchronous message, the capture (ie. completion) message is sent by the terminal to the backend and the Authorised journal will be booked. However, if this capture message is missing or not being sent, the transaction remains in AuthorisedPending.
  4. After 72 hours of being in AuthorisedPending the transaction gets automatically booked to Cancelled by Adyen.

How to fix this

To solve this error run a network connection test on the terminal and on the store.

Tip: If the connection test doesn’t work, make a configuration removal and board the terminal again.

Note: You can retry canceled transactions.

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