How can I defend a chargeback for Klarna?

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Defend Klarna chargebacks

You can defend a Klarna dispute or chargeback via your Customer Area or the Disputes API.

Non-defendable Klarna chargebacks

With most chargebacks, you can submit defense documents to challenge the dispute raised. Klarna works differently.

There are three different events in the Klarna flow:

  1. A Request for Information with a [NOTIFICATION] tag. When a shopper raises a complaint, Klarna will try to help you resolve it directly with the shopper before it becomes an actual dispute.You have 21 days to resolve the shopper complaint before it becomes a dispute. For returns, the time period is 7 days. You cannot respond to this RFI.
  2.  If the dispute was not resolved within the notification period, Klarna will send a new Request for Information which you can respond to.
  3. If RFI is not defended or Klarna rejects your defense, a Chargeback may be booked and it won’t be possible to defend.

In the Klarna dispute flow, only Requests for Information (RFI) are defendable. We recommend enabling system messages to receive an email any time a new dispute is booked. Once a chargeback is booked, the only option left is to contact the customer and try to resolve the dispute directly with them.

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