Risk (Profiles and Reports)

Learn about our data-driven approach to detect and block fraud.

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We will explore

(Part 1 - risk profiles and reports)

  • The importance of risk management

  • Configure your risk profiles

  • Useful risk reports and best practices

Part 2 - chargebacks and disputes

  • Understanding disputes and scheme flows

  • How to defend your disputes?

  • Fraud and Chargeback scheme programs

  • How to monitor disputes in Adyen Customer Area?

Who is this for

Anyone who uses the Adyen risk management tool

By the end of the session

You should be able to configure your risk profiles and handling your disputes.

This session is hosted by an Adyen subject matter expert. It lasts for 1 hour including time for Q&A at the end.

Meet our experts

Media: Image - MTS_FouadTbib

Fouad Tbib

Risk, Adyen

Fouad will talk about risk profiles, consistency rules, and our risk engine RevenueProtect.

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