In what situation should I use case management?

The possible reasons to use case management are:

Additional layer of security

Case management essentially means that you want to look at the orders manually (review) for all or some portion of the transactions before they are confirmed. This adds another layer of granularity to the decision-making process as it relates to fraud risk on top of the “Refuse” and “Accept” decisions inherent in the tool already.

Options for different transaction flows

Depending on the integration and/or the type of business, you can use the case management function as best suits your needs (e.g. in combination with a capture-delay or possibly with manual capture).

The specific use case in which we recommend using case management are:

High Average Transaction Value (ATV) Transactions

For high-ATV transactions the financial impact of individual chargebacks is obviously bigger so a lot of e.g. luxury brands choose to review their transactions before confirming/shipping out.

Generic fraud trends

Some will experience fraud waves that are defined by characteristics that are too generic to build risk rules around. E.g. fraudsters using French names with Sri Lankan cards or having the goods shipped to industrial estates. In these instances, it is helpful to have a human eye look over the transactions.

Expanding into new markets

If you expand into a new market where the risk landscape is unclear, case management allows the flexibility to review some transactions instead of outright taking the risk of refusing a good payment or accepting a fraudulent transaction.

3D Secure

If you are using 3D Secure for orders in situations in which they do not get liability shift, use case management feature to push orders into a queue and review before accepting or rejecting the orders.

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