Why can I not access the pre-filled form?

A green triangle with an exclamation point in it.

Do you have the right user role?

Please check whether you have one of the following user roles:

  • Merchant User Management

  • Merchant Admin

Users who have Merchant Admin or Merchant User Management access with ‘merchant review’ capabilities can view the PRR page in the Customer Area. Make sure that the person who will complete the review has been granted this access. 

If you are an admin, you can find instructions on how to provide permissions to your users in this article. Please note that you can only provide permissions for roles in your profile. If you are an admin and wish to give someone a role you don’t have in your profile, you will need to submit a request to Support, as explained in this article.

If you’re not an admin, you will need to reach out to your admin, as explained in this article.