How do I manage custom risk rules?

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Do you have the right user role?

Please check whether you have one of the following user roles:

  • Merchant Change Risk Settings

  • Risk Admin

To build you custom risk rules:

  1. Decide when your rule should trigger.
  2. Set up risk variables.
  3. Create the rule.
  4. Assign an action to the rule.
  5. Test the rule.

In order to create custom risk rules, you will first need to enable the Custom Fields under Risk. 

Custom Fields are divided over multiple categories:

  • Custom fields
  • ShopperDNA fields
  • Standard fields
  • Basket fields
  • Promotion fields
  • Airline fields
  • Airline leg fields
  • Airline passenger fields
  • Velocity fields

Enabling these fields won’t result in any action, it only makes the field available when building the custom risk rule on the Risk Profiles page.

After the desired fields are enabled on the Custom Fields page, the custom risk rule can now be created within the Risk Profiles page. It is possible to create pre-authorization and post-authorization rules. The custom fields and their assigned values are the criteria that should all be met in the same payment in order to trigger the rule. It is important to keep in mind that the set values should be exact matches with the submitted value in the payment request.

Once the rule is created, a score can be assigned. A negative scoring for trust scoring and a positive scoring to increase the risk level. In addition, Custom Risk Rules can be applied in order to send payment to Case Management or 3DSecure.

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