How do I send funds to my liable account? (Classic Integration)

3 ways to manage funds

  1. A direct debit
    The direct debit solution is offered for currencies that support direct debit (EUR,GBP,USD).  Adyen will trigger the direct debit when the balance on a virtual account falls below a set threshold. 
  2. A webhook informing you when the balance reaches a threshold
    We can send a webhook notification to inform you when the balance of an account runs low. The ACCOUNT_FUNDS_BELOW_THRESHOLD notification will be sent when the account goes below the set threshold. Contact support if you’re interested in one of these solutions.
  3. A wire to the liable account
    To top up the liable account, you can wire funds to the liable account. You can make a bank transfer using the details below. It can take up to 4 business days for the funds to be available in your liable account.


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