How do I manage disputes?

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Disputes are an inherent part of processing payments, but by successfully managing your disputes you can aim to minimize the impact to your business. You can influence the dispute outcome in multiple steps of the dispute process:


Stage 1.0 : Pre-dispute:

  • Understand the whole dispute flow.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different dispute reasons.
  • Make sure that your risk profiles are up to date to minimize fraud-related disputes.
  • Make sure that your customer service handles inquiries from customers in a timely manner - Assist with valid refund and cancellation requests and keep your customer in the loop.
  • Make sure that the cardholders can recognize your business from their billing description
  • Have a clear and easy to find 'terms and policies' on your website

Stage 1.2 : Notification of Fraud (Optional)

  • Review the cardholder and if you believe the payment is fraudulent, refund the payment and place the shopper in the block list via Customer Area > Risk > Block and trust lists.

Stage 1.2 : Request for Information (Optional)

  • Respond to the inquiry with transaction details to verify the cardholder:
    • A signed copy of the transaction receipt/order invoice
    • Evidence of communication with the cardholder in relation to the transaction

Stage 2.0 : Chargeback

Up until now, there were no funds withdrawn from your account. With the chargeback, the disputed amount and a chargeback processing fee will be debited from your account.

  • Review the dispute page to make note of the chargeback reason and any issuer comments (if applicable)
  • Find out the defense requirements for the dispute reason
  • Prepare a compelling rebuttal letter based on the dispute defense requirements
  • Defend the chargeback in time

Stage 3.0 : Monitoring the outcome

When you defend the chargeback, Adyen's role is to forward these to the issuer (and sometimes the scheme) for them to review and decide on the outcome.

Depending on the scheme and the dispute defense timeframes, the issuing bank will have 45-60 days to review your defense. If the dispute is finalized in your favor, the disputed funds will be returned to your accounts.

You can monitor the dispute trends and outcomes with the disputes reporting.


  • Learn from your past disputes to improve your practices or your defense documents.
  • Devise a dispute defense strategy based on your past defended and lost/won cases.
  • Ask for help and feedback via our email

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