How do I get paid?

Getting paid

You receive the money from transactions processed by Adyen in a payout. A payout happens in batches and is sent to your payout account.

How payouts are calculated

The amount that’s paid out is the amount in the payable balance after the following deductions:


When do I get my payout?

Processed transactions are assigned to a payable batch depending on your payout model: either the Sales Day Payout model, or the Pass-through payout model. You get paid as soon as a payable batch closes. The payout frequency depends on your payout schedule

Which transactions are assigned to a payable batch depends on your payout model:

Get the funds from a whole sales day in a single payout batch, regardless if the card scheme or payment method transferred the funds to Adyen.

The SDP dashboard offers an overview of all sales and refunds that took place in a certain period and that make up your total payout.

Get the funds from one sales day in several payout batches, depending on when the card scheme or payment method transfers the funds to Adyen.

Sales Day Payout is the default payout model. In Latin America, Africa, and Turkey, Pass-Through Payout is the only available payout model.

Tip: When the payable batch closes, we create a Settlement details report. This report contains all relevant information on transactions and deductions, and can therefore help you reconcile your payout.

Note: It may occur that a payable batch could not be paid out for a number of reasons. For example if the Payout Account is not (correctly) configured. Read more about it in this article


At Adyen transactions are settled by Like4Like. This means that a USD transaction will be paid out in USD (given that a USD payout account has been set up). All currencies for which you have not set up a payout account will be settled in the primary settlement currency.


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